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Self Count Service

Self Count Service

The primary benefit of our service is that we provide an external count of stock and, with access to the relevant information, can then go on to present a finished resulting Report.

Our Schedule will not always allow for appointments at ideal times on specific dates, and so we have now introduced an ancillary service to overcome this difficulty – our new Self-Count Service.

To properly structure the stock listing, we will undertake the initial stock count, and provide a Valuation of that count. We will then go on to extract that computerised listing, which we will forward to our client. Then, on the specified date preferred by our client, they personally complete the count of stock, and enter the information on the sheets we have provided to them. They then forward that listing to us, by email or fax, together with the other necessary information, and we will prepare the computerised report, and furnish them, by return, with the stock result.

This service provides the benefit of our system and experience while, at the same time, it enables our client to have their stock report completed to their preferred date.